Tuesday, July 19, 2016

客厅 (第二部) Living Room (Part 2)




     Sofa, television console, coffee table will normally be placed in the Living Room. There are certain places that furniture shall not be placed.

     Sofa or other sitting furniture shall not be placed under the main beam. The Energy of the person sitting under main beam will be affected. That person may feel stress and tired. If sofa need to be placed under main beam, a wooden gourd or wooden flute may be placed to ward off.

     By placing the furniture in the appropriate place, it will help to improve family harmony.    

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

客厅 (第一部) Living Room (Part 1)


     We will walk into Living Room after the Entrance. Living Room is the place where family members gather for entertainment and also to entertain guests. The wall color should be bright in order to increase vitality. 
     For Living Room facing west, it will receive strong afternoon sunlight as well as heat. Light material curtain can be hanged to reduce heat.
     By settling the Feng Shui of the Living Room improve Family Fortune.


Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Type of color for Entrance 玄关的彩色

     Energy flow of the house starts from entrance. Therefore a brightly lit entrance is recommended so that positive energy flow can be felt from the main door. A dim entrance gives out an unwelcoming feeling.

     The type of color of entrance should be bright or light tone. The color of furniture place at entrance should not be dark or deep tone.

     Entrance should be kept clean and bright so that one can feel harmonious and comfortable at home.




Tuesday, March 15, 2016

玄关。 Entrance




     Most people stay in apartment. Therefore, the first area that we step into the apartment is the Entrance. The Entrance is where the energy flow in.

     Normally, a shoe rack will be placed in this area. Entrance is best kept clean and free from odour. The height of the shoe rack should not be higher than adult. Otherwise , it is hard to gather wealth.

     If the window can be seen when the main door is opened, it is hard to gather wealth. The solution is to place a screen or a wall larger than the main door in the entrance.

     Energy flow through the entrance. By improving the entrance, it will assist in the gathering of wealth.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

家中方位 Position in the house


    家是我们最大的资产。把家的风水做好,就能聚财,和睦,招来贵人。家中方位,以人面向门, 左为青龙,右为白虎,前为朱雀,后为玄武。青龙是吉祥位,增加贵人。白虎位是凶煞位,引来是非。朱雀位宜有空气流通,不宜有家门面向马路口。玄武位指的是靠山,最好有建筑高过自家。



We will start this new year with the introduction of feng shui in the house. We are introducing the position in the house this week.

There are four positions in the house. If you face the main door (entrance), the left side of the house is referred to green dragon, right side is white tiger, the front is Zhu Que (Vermilion Bird) and the back is Xuan Wu . Green Dragon attracts people that helps to improve your daily life or provide assistance. White Tiger attracts gossip. It is ideal that green dragon is stronger than white tiger. If the entrance is on the right side, green dragon can be enhanced by having products like green dragon picture, dragon or fountain placed on the left side of the living room.

We will introduce feng shui in the living room next week.

Thursday, June 6, 2013



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Tuesday, May 21, 2013



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